Masters Hockey World Cup 2014


This was the official site for offering information about the 2014 Masters Hockey World Cup.The 2nd FIH Master Hockey World Cup 2014 was an event that took place at Hockey Club Rotterdam, June 5-13 2014.
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Hockey Masters World Cup 2014 Nederland 40+


Welcome to the 2nd FIH Masters Hockey World Cup, an event that takes place at the Hockey Club Rotterdam, the Netherlands, June 5 – 13 2014. The tournament is an official side event of the Rabobank Hockey World Cup, to be held in The Hague (May 31 – June 15 2014).

Competing in this tournament will be both women’s and men’s teams in age categories 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+ (women only).

74 teams from 21 countries compete for the coveted title in the coming days. For the completion of the more than 260 games, all seven pitches of the Rotterdam club will be used until the final day on Friday 13 June.The participating teams come from Europe, America, Argentina, Germany and South Africa.

The FIH Masters Hockey World Cup 2014 is jointly organised by the International Masters Hockey Association, Hockey Club Rotterdam, and the Royal Dutch Hockey Association.

The Hockey is a tournament for national teams. Participating is only possible through the national masters organisations.

For more information please contact your national master organisation or email to Mrs. Sue Briggs, secretary of the International Masters Hockey Association.

Note: regarding the number of yet received entries we strongly recommend to make up your mind the sooner the better!

The FIH Masters Hockey World Cup 2014 is supported by the City of Rotterdam. Rotterdam presents itself as ‘Your Sports City‘. Together with Rotterdam Topsport the City has a professional organisation to develop, stimulate and facilitate top sports in Rotterdam.


The FIH Masters World Cup 2014 is jointly organised by the International Masters Hockey Association, Hockey Club Rotterdam and the Royal Dutch Hockey Association.

We like to introduce the members of the Organisation Committee:
Mr Jan Meurer  -  President
Mrs Gonnie van Dooren  -  Secretary
Mr Cees Sluyk  -  Tournament Director
Mrs Stella Bartlema  -  Umipre Manager
Mr Iwan Doyer  -  Facilities and Logistics
Mr Luc Beurskens  -  Communications
Mr Alexander Bakker  -  Press and Public Relations
Mr Maarten Borrie  -  Finance
Mr Arnout Verduin  -  Representative KNHB
For contact with the members kindly contact Mrs Gonnie van Dooren at


H.C. Rotterdam to host FIH Masters World Cup 2014 | November 17, 2013

It has been announced that H.C. Rotterdam, one of the biggest hockey clubs in the Netherlands, will host the second FIH Masters World Cup 2014.

The tournament - which take place simultaneously with the Rabobank Hockey World Cup in The Hague - will see legendary players of the past battling it out for the respective titles in the 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+ age categories at Rotterdam's world class venue. 

It’s expected that around seventy national teams and with over one thousand players will participate in the FIH Masters World Cup 2014, which will take place between 5-13 June. 

The event is being organised by the KNHB (Royal Dutch Hockey Association) in close cooperation with the International Hockey Masters Association and the host club. Participation in the tournament is only possible through national masters organisations.

"It’s a great honour for Hockey Club Rotterdam to host this fantastic event,’’ says Edwin Brouwers, president of Hockey Club Rotterdam. "The FIH Masters World Cup will highlight not only our club, but also the city of Rotterdam.’’


An aside: My cousin absolutely loves the European version of the game of hockey. That's field hockey to those of us who are Americans. It always makes me pause when he starts talking about this or that hockey player, since I immediately visualize some one on a pair of skates on ice all bulked up in heavy padding, not someone running on a field of grass or artificial turf wearing high socks, shorts and short sleeved or sleeveless shirts.

Needless to say the FIH Masters Hockey World Cup 2014 was a must watch tournament for him since he was about the same age as 40+ age players and identified with them. I know he would be out there playing if he hadn't blown out his knees while playing when he was much younger.

So while he was making plans for attending the FIH Masters Hockey World Cup 2014 in the Netherlands, here in NYC I was watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs which began in on April and eventually in June 2014. It was a disappointing season for us New Yorkers since the Western Conference champion Los Angeles Kings defeated our Eastern Conference champion New York Rangers four games to one to win their second championship in franchise history, marking the first time since 2007 that the championship series was determined in fewer than six games. This was New York's 11th appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals, and they were seeking their fifth Cup championship overall and their first one since 1994. The play offs had been insane. In the first round of the playoffs, the Rangers eliminated the Philadelphia Flyers in seven games. Then, in the second round against the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York overcame a 3–1 game deficit to win the series. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens in six games to capture their first Eastern Conference championship in 20 years. The Rangers won the last three games against the Penguins to advance, followed by winning the first two games in Montreal despite struggling there in the regular season. In the process, the Rangers became the first team ever to play two full seven-game series in the first two rounds of the playoffs and still reach the Stanley Cup Finals.

Did I say insane!! During the final game against the Penguins, I had a crew of hockey friends over and we got a bit boisterous at the end resulting in spilled beer and pizza in the living room on one of the Persian rugs my parents gave to me when they moved into an assisted living facility near my sister in Maryland. Hart Heritage Estates became their new home as they would say. Honestly, it didn't seem like "home" to me, since it really was just a large room, albeit quite lovely with a great view of its 6.5 acres of park-like grounds. But my parents who had both become quite feeble Hart Heritage was perfect with its with a supportive senior living community. Social activities, a large community living area and barber and beauty salons offered my parents activities and independence. But I digress. Back to the play offs and the RUG ACCIDENT as my wife refers to the spilled food and drink.

I should have rolled the rugs up as my wife had suggested, but I didn't. So the next morning I was tasked with searching for carpet cleaning NYC with free estimate. Luckily I found the perfect local carpet cleaning company after only two phone calls. My Home Carpet Cleaning NYC not only cleaned carpets, but their specialty was repairing and cleaning Persian / Oriental carpets. My wife was dubious, but the company's rep came and assured us they could clean the stains from the carpet and also suggested that we get the rug Scotch Guarded so future spills would be easier to clean up, she relented. When they brought back the cleaned carpet she became a cheerleader for them. I don't know how many friends she has recommended My Home Carpet Cleaning NYC to. I joke and say she should be getting a commission.

Well as you know, the Rangers ultimately lost to the Los Angeles Kings. Bummer. On the other hand, the mens 40+ team my cousin rooted for won their matches and went home with a trophy. I always say, "There is next year...."


The FIH Masters & Grandmasters World Cups

06.06.2014 |

Masters World Cup 2014

Official side-events to the Rabobank Hockey World Cup, the FIH Masters & Grandmasters World Cups are the top tournament for men's and women's Masters teams.

More than 70 men and women’s national veteran teams from all over the world will take part in the FIH Masters Hockey World Cup 2014 this June. The tournament, hosted by Rotterdam hockey club, is the biggest side event of the Rabobank Hockey World Cup and features age groups 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+ (women only). The event takes place from June 5 to June 13 and runs parallel to the World Cup.

England features heavily in both the Masters World Cup and the Grand Masters World Cup (for teams aged 60+) - we're playing in the Men's 40+, 45+, 50+ and 55+, and the Women's 40+, 50+ and 55+ as well. In the Grand Masters (taking place in the Hague), we've got teams in the Men's 60+. 65+, 70+ and 75+, as well as in the Women's 60+ division.

The FIH Masters Hockey World Cup 2014 has been organised by the International Masters Hockey Association, Rotterdam hockey club and the KNHB. '‘Masters’ hockey adds an extra dimension to the World Cup,’ says Henk Vogels, chairman of Dutch Hockey Masters. ‘These veterans play because they are top class players. If you like playing hockey, you don’t stop when you reach a certain age.’

Teams from the host nation - the Netherlands - are already training hard. ‘They are in good shape in England and Australia and we don’t want to be left behind!’ says Vogels


The Rabobank Hockey World Cup Review

16.06.2014 |

Masters World Cup 2014

For two weeks the Rabobank Hockey World Cup has blazed across computer and TV screens, through both YouTube and Sky Sports' amazing daily coverage.

The first week-and-a-half of the competition was the pool stages as Men's and Women's Pools A and B played each other in a round-robin format to determine who'd face who in the qualification stage that took place over the final four days.

In the Women's pool stages the USA took everyone by surprise topping the table in Pool B. They came into the tournament ranked 10th in the world and stormed to the top of the table, winning four out of five matches and drawing the fifth. Once in the Qualification stage they lost their Semi-Final in a shoot-out to Australia and then lost by one goal to Argentina in the Bronze play-off. While the USA may not go home with a medal, they should still be proud of everything they achieved in the Hague this summer.

The Women's Finals saw the Netherlands and Australia face off after having played against each other in the pool stages. That game went 2-0 to the Netherlands and true to form they defeated Australia by the same scoreline in the Final, delighting the home crowd and making it through the World Cup without losing a single game and conceding only one goal across seven matches. However, facing up to the World number one is no mean feat, and to get a silver medal out of it is also a great result for the Australians, ranked fourth in the world.

Argentina was the surprise success story in the Men's pool stages - ranked 11th, they managed to get into the semi-finals with 12 points under their belts and three points clear of their closest competitor Germany, though still a point behind the Netherlands. They faced Australia in the semi-finals, going down 5-1 by the time the full-time buzzer sounded, which sent them off to face England in the bronze play-off match on Sunday. A close game followed between the two but a couple of quick goals, despite some controversy, sealed their victory and meant both of Argentina's teams flew home with medals.

And so to the last game of the tournament between two of the Men's tournament powerhouses, Australia and the Netherlands in the Men's Final. Ranked first and fourth in the world respectively (the inverse of their women's team counterparts), both teams were expected to do well at the World Cup and neither had disappointed. Australia went into their semi-final against Argentina with five wins behind them and only one goal conceded, while the Netherlands faced England in their semi-final - they had a tougher time of it than Australia as England held them off for the most part, but one goal proved enough to send the home side to the finals. It was bound to be a high-scoring match and it was Australia who ended up on top, playing outstanding hockey and scoring a massive six goals to the Netherlands' one to take home the gold.

England's success at the World Cup was mixed: as our men made their way to the Semi-Finals the women languished at the foot of their table. Both teams had a somewhat surprising first result, as the men drew against Spain and our women lost to the USA, and from there each team walked a different path. The men battled into the semi-finals with a final victory over Belgium before losing two close games against the Netherlands (the Semi-Final) and Argentina (in the bronze medal match) to finish fourth, while it was too little too late for the women as they beat Germany in their last pool game but had to fight for 11th place, beating Belgium after a shoot-out in the final match.


Team photo's made on last day of FIH Masters Hockey World Cup 2014.





The FIH Masters World Cup 2014 will be hosted by Hockey Club Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Hockey Club Rotterdam is situated at the north side of the city. The club’s facility consists of seven artificial pitches (three water bases, four sand based), a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant and a stadium (approximately 3,500 seats).

In recent years Hockey Club Rotterdam hosted several toplevel events: Junior World Cup Championship 2005, Champions Trophy (men) 2001 and 2008, Euro Hockey League (5 events) and most recently the Hockey World League Semi-Finals 2013 (men and women). You can watch the club tour as it was presented for the Hockey World League Semi Finals in June 2013.

Directions to HC Rotterdam
By car
From the north
Motorway A13 (The Hague-Rotterdam), exit 11 Berkel en Rodenrijs/Rotterdam The Hague Airport (N209). Follow direction Berkel en Rodenrijs. After roundabout first way to the right.
From the south
Motorway A16 towards Ring Rotterdam. Follow A20 Ring Noord direction The Hague. Exit 14 Rotterdam Centrum/Schiebroek/Hillegersberg, direction N471. At the roundabout turn right in the direction Berschenhoek/Berkel en Rodenrijs (N209). Then take the first right.
From the east
Motorway A12 (Utrecht-The Hague). At Gouda take the  A20 in the direction of Rotterdam. Exit 14. Rotterdam Centrum/Schiebroek/Hillegersberg, direction N471. At the roundabout turn right in the direction Bergschenhoek/Berkel en Rodenrijs (N209). Then take the first right.
Hockey Club Rotterdam has a large parking facility.

By plane
Hockey Club Rotterdam is located close to  Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The airport offers connecting flights with/from many European cities. The airport is connected to the main hubs of Lufthansa (Munich) and British Airways (London-Heathrow).

By train
Rotterdam Central Station is one of the main railway stations in the Netherlands, and is also connected to the Amsterdam-Paris rapid train link. Check your own railway company for the best connections.
Access to HC Rotterdam by public transport is possible.
Public transport in Rotterdam
The city of Rotterdam has an extended light railway system (‘tram’). Two lines will bring you close to Hockey Club Rotterdam. Some bus lines will also makes stops close to the club facilities.
From Rotterdam Central Station
Lightrail 4, direction Molenlaan. From this terminal it will be a 10-15 minutes walk (left via Molenlaan – Ankie Verbeek-Ohrlaan).
Lightrail 25, direction Schiebroek. Get out at the Larikslaan stop, from here it will be a 10-15 minutes walk: Larikslaan – Kastanjesingel – Hazelaarweg.
From station Rotterdam-Noord
Bus 35, direction Rotterdam-Alexander. Get off at stop Plevierlaan (Molenlaan/Grindweg) from here it will be a 10 minutes walk via Ankie Verbeek-Ohrlaan
RandstadRail is the light railway link between the main railway stations of Rotterdam and The Hague. Station Meijersplein (also P+R) is the closest station to Hockey Club Rotterdam.